Building Immune Strength

During cold, flu and allergy seasons, the best defense is a good offense – a strong, healthy immune system. When the immune system is working properly, the body can defend against those things that want to make us sick. So what does this look like? Diet: Eat real, whole, nutrient

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Treats You Can Eat Guilt-Free!

This time of year, sugar is everywhere! At the office, being sent as gifts, at every holiday meal and every holiday party. And I don’t know about you, but I really prefer not to eat all of that. At the same time, I don’t want to be left out! So,

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Semantics? Part 2 – Chemicals in Your Food

average reading time: less than one minute Last week, we talked about clean eating and the various definitions people can give of it and how it might be misunderstood. Today, let’s take a look at the idea of chemicals in our food. I read a post recently where the author

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Semantics? Clean Eating

average reading time: less than one minute Recently, I’ve read a few headlines debunking ideas that I completely subscribe to. When I go in and actually read the articles, it turns out that they’re using the phrases in very different ways than I do. Let’s take a look at the

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Got Extra Pounds? Another Piece of the Puzzle…

You’ve heard about the importance of gut bacteria for your health, right? Everybody’s talking about it. Looks like those guys have yet another role, this time to help maintain weight. More and more studies are confirming this fact. Earlier this year, the journal Cell Reports published results of a study

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Prebiotics – The Garden for Healthy Bacteria

Chances are good you’ve heard the buzz about the importance of caring for the bacteria that live in your gut. Taking a probiotic supplement and eating fermented foods is a great start to restoring your gut. However, you also need a garden for healthy bacteria to grow, and you can

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Cool Off With These 10 Foods!

We’ve been lucky to have a pretty cool spring here in Texas, but you can feel the days and nights heating up. Nature is so freaking amazing if we follow its lead. Let’s talk for a minute about the foods we eat. Nature automatically provides the kinds of foods we

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Soothing the Sugar Monster

I’ve found that it’s crucial for me to be impeccable with healthy habits, starting with what I eat.  Every so often, when I’m feeling the stress, I want to eat something sweet for quick energy and a little bit of comfort.  And of course, those are the times when that’s

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I Built This Website – ME!

I’m not techie. Like – if something goes wrong with my phone, I’m headed to the Sprint store. In my day jobs, IT guys hated seeing my number come up on their phones. So, when my brother-in-law suggested I build my own website, I was like, no way, I can’t

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