Group Coaching

Are you fed up with always being exhausted and not having the energy to do what you love?

Happy Body, Healthy Woman is a 12 session series designed to help you learn and implement new approaches to eating, moving and living, for a more vibrant, happier you!

 When you’re busy with your life, self-care tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can eat clean, healthy foods that taste good, don’t break the bank and don’t require hours in the kitchen.  You can enjoy moving your body and the feeling of strength and health that it brings. You can take time for yourself and feel good about doing so.

 This course is for you if:

  • You’ve tried diet plan after diet plan but none of them seem to work for you
  • Food deprivation and sacrifice appear to be the only solution
  • You’re overwhelmed with the amount of work and energy it appears to take to be healthy
  • You know a healthier lifestyle is the right thing to do, but you can’t seem to make it happen
  • You want a healthy lifestyle to be enjoyable

Happy Body, Healthy Woman – Personalized coaching in a group setting

 YOU decide what your goals are, and we help you reach them.

YOU create your ideal food plan, we help you find your way there.

YOU have the answers inside you, we help you draw them out and act on them.

All in a fun, supportive group atmosphere!

 What you’ll accomplish during this series:

  • Using a 3-week elimination diet, you’ll be able to identify foods that do and don’t work for you
  • Based on what you learn, you’ll design your own food plan, one that works for you, for your health and lifestyle
  • Discover which foods make you feel vibrant and full of life, and which ones drain you and sap your energy
  • Experience new forms of movement to bring joy and life back into your fitness habits
  • Experience more restful sleep, for more energy in your day-to-day life
  • Identify areas of imbalance in your life and start moving toward balance

Other topics to be discussed include:

  • Shopping, food preparation and cooking to make a healthy lifestyle convenient and easy
  • Stress management
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Bringing more fun and creativity into your life
  • Hormone balance and the impact of hormones on hunger and metabolism
  • How to keep healthy habits during the holidays, while traveling and during those busy times
  • How to choose what to eat in restaurants and on the road

And of course, each session will include ample time to check in with the group, and get the support you need.  You don’t have to do it alone!  You’ll receive shopping lists, recipes and more – eating healthy can be easy and even taste good.

If you’re ready to make real, lasting lifestyle changes for a leaner body, a more focused mind and more energy, joy and passion, join Happy Body, Healthy Woman now. 

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