I Built This Website – ME!

I’m not techie. Like – if something goes wrong with my phone, I’m headed to the Sprint store. In my day jobs, IT guys hated seeing my number come up on their phones. So, when my brother-in-law suggested I build my own website, I was like, no way, I can’t do that! But it’s a lot of money to hire someone, and when you’re just getting a business started, there isn’t a lot of money. So I started searching. And I hit the jackpot! www.wp-bff.com and Shannon Mattern. She’s got a FREE 5 Day Build Your Own WordPress Website challenge. I started it, and bought her super-reasonably priced paid program, which gave me access to a closed FB group where all of my questions have been answered. And not only that, the paid package includes how-to videos for MailChimp and Canva.  And if that wasn’t enough, she’s got great business sense, and offers tons of tips and tricks for running an online business.

So, seriously. This website wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Shannon and her site. If you need a website, or know anyone who does, check it out.

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I help busy professional women overcome fatigue, headaches, brain fog and other bothersome symptoms, so that, coming from a foundation of optimal health, they can excel in their professional and personal lives.. 

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