Maybe 2020 is a Wakeup Call

I’ve been thinking since pre-pandemic times about how the biggest drains on our healthcare system are lifestyle diseases, and how we just keep trying to treat them medically. And it’s not working, it’s just costing a ton of money and people get sicker and sicker. Now there’s a pandemic, and the people with these lifestyle diseases are at the highest risk for serious illness, hospitalization and death. And it’s heartbreaking because it just doesn’t have to be this way. This can be a wakeup call for all of us to take care of our own health and to avoid serious problems down the line.

How? Here’s a really brief overview. I’ll continue to post more solution-oriented activities in future emails.

Diet: Eat whole foods, as close to nature as possible. Typically, this is the stuff you find on the perimeter of the grocery store. If it’s in the budget, eat organic. Eat a lot of fiber for overall health and immune system balance. Avoid processed, refined, fast foods. These are usually found in the middle of the store, or in a drive through. It’s not easy – I know, I do it and I don’t always like it. But it’s probably easier than hospitalization from avoidable illnesses.

Movement: Movement keeps the immune system healthy. Doesn’t matter what kind. I used to think if I didn’t work out hard for at least an hour, why bother. I’ve changed my thinking on that. We all have an appropriate level of movement that’s right for our bodies. If you’re under a lot of stress (and really, who isn’t, especially now), intense cardio is probably not good. It adds more stress, increases cortisol levels and causes more inflammation. Try walking, yoga or moderate intensity weightlifting instead.

Sleep: Get enough quality sleep every night. That’s when the body restores and rebuilds and that’s where resiliency comes from.
Relax: This is a crazy time – pretty much everyone I know is stressed out – financial stress, not knowing what’s going to happen, being at home all the time, with everyone else who lives in the house and oh yeah, trying not to get sick… Take time to get quiet, spend time in nature, stay off the digital devices and just chill. Let the nervous system settle down. When we’re constantly stressed out, the body dampens digestion, immunity and recovery and we’re much more likely to get sick, or at the very least, not function our best.
Laugh! I recently took a yoga class for immune building – it started with laughter yoga. Yes, there is a thing – google it and do it! Or watch a funny movie or play a practical joke on your spouse (my favorite). Traditional wisdom tells us that laughter is the best medicine. Modern science is still trying to prove it, but – whatEVER. It makes you feel good, it lightens the mood and it’s fun.

And don’t we all need a little more fun these days?

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