My Tumultuous Relationship with Sugar

It was the Monday after New Year’s and time to get back into my routine after the holidays. I was sad for the holidays to be over, but relieved to get back to a normal life – normal hours, normal work and OMG – recover from the sugar hangover. I was so ready.

It started off pretty innocently around Thanksgiving… or maybe Halloween. More sugar than normal in the store, in the house, in the office, at the parties. I thought to myself “I’ll just have a little bite…” And one bite turned into another, and another and another. The next time, instead of “just one bite,” it was “just one slice” and then “just one more.”  And on and on…

By the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I was miserable. I felt fat and tired and more importantly, like such a loser because I was eating every sugar filled food in sight. And my meals suffered too – no health food for me – pizza and burgers and junk, oh my. I mean, I’m eating like crap anyway, what difference does it make?

And this happened year after year after year. There were a few years that I swore off sugar between Thanksgiving and New Years. Those years were easier. There was at least one year that I tried that and failed. And there was no telling when I would be able to get back into some semblance of normal (forget healthy) eating.

Over time, I started to learn about my relationship with sugar – what my triggers were, how the gut bacteria and the other food I ate played a part in the cravings, how it affected me mentally and emotionally, not just physically, and most importantly, what I needed to do to not be controlled by sugar.


Stay tuned and I’ll share some of those secrets with you!

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