Semantics? Part 2 – Chemicals in Your Food

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Last week, we talked about clean eating and the various definitions people can give of it and how it might be misunderstood. Today, let’s take a look at the idea of chemicals in our food. I read a post recently where the author pointed out that everything we eat is made of chemicals, even our blood and tissues are made of chemicals. Well, right. But I think there’s a pretty big difference between chemicals that are found in nature and chemicals that are made in a laboratory, so when I’m talking about avoiding food like products with chemicals in them, I’m referring to those chemicals that were made in a laboratory. While the human body is pretty freakin’ amazing, and it can take a lot of the crap we send it, I don’t think it was really designed to process those chemicals. My rule of thumb is: if you can’t say it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. To keep things really simple… If you focus on eating real, whole, food, then there’s pretty much nothing to worry about.

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